When it comes to nature inspired and aluminium free alternatives we are committed to offering a number of choices in deodorants and anti-perspirants.

Here is our go to guide to help you navigate through the world of aluminium free deodorants and anti-perspirants.

What are aluminium free deodorants and anti-perspirants?

Aluminium is an active ingredient, commonly used in anti-perspirants, which creates a gel plug over your sweat glands and so helps you sweat less.

Aluminium free anti-perspirants and deodorants give you an alternative if you prefer products without aluminium.

At Soft & Gentle we use natural extracts such as sage and rice starch, which are used in our 0% Aluminium dry deodorant range. These wonderful natural ingredients help mask bad odour and help soften the skin. 

Our 0% Aluminium anti-perspirant roll-on uses horsetail extract which acts as a natural anti-perspirant by restricting the pores’ size. It also features bamboo powder to help absorb the sweat.

What are the benefits of aluminium free deodorants and anti-perspirants?

Odour protection

There’s no substitute for feeling and smelling fresh – whether you’re spending the day dashing to and from meetings, running around after the family or catching up with friends.

To keep you feeling confident throughout the day, our aluminium free deodorants and anti-perspirants comes in three light fragrances:

  • Fresh – a summery scent of orange blossom
  • Active – an invigorating scent of green tea
  • Care – a light and fresh scent of coconut water

Caring for the planet

At Soft & Gentle we also use tin-plated steel for the packaging on our 0% Aluminium Dry Deodorant cans. Tin-plates steel is 100% recyclable so when you’ve finished with it, you can simply put it in the recycling bin.

Our aluminium free dry deodorant is also vegan friendly and our aluminium free anti-perspirant roll-on is vegetarian friendly. They are also not tested on animals, giving you peace of mind that our products are kind to the planet, animals and your skin.

Can anyone switch to aluminium free deodorant or anti-perspirant?

Whether you’re looking for a natural way to keep odour or/and sweat at bay or you simply want to swap your deodorant for something that’s gentler to skin, anyone can benefit from making the switch to the right kind of aluminium free deodorant or anti-perspirant.  Our 0% Aluminium range is not just aluminium free but provides a variety of other benefits as well. Here are a few quick facts about them:

Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Dry Deodorant spray:

Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Anti-perspirant roll-on:

  • Helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes the underarm smell
  • Is vegan friendly
  • Is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Reduces sweating by shrinking the size of your pores with the help of horsetail extract
  • Is vegetarian friendly
  • Is suitable for sensitive skin

What’s the difference between deodorants and anti-perspirants?

There are differences between deodorants and anti-perspirants and these apply also to aluminium free variants. Here’s a simple guide to help explain the difference:

Deodorants help to mask unpleasant smells, leaving you smelling fresh and feeling confident, without blocking your pores.

Anti-perspirants help to limit the amount you sweat by blocking sweat ducts or reducing the size of your underarm pores.

So, if you want to sweat less while opting for an aluminium free alternative, choose an aluminium free antiperspirant. If sweat isn’t a problem but you want to keep unpleasant smells at bay, then opt for an aluminium free deodorant.

Find out more about our 0% Aluminium Dry Deodorant here and our 0% Aluminium Anti-perspirant Roll-on here.

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